Mechanical Construction

LEADER IN TECHNOLOGY – Radwa Gulf Engineering construction Service (RGES) provide a full package of mechanical construction services in the area of process plants, refineries, petrochemical complex, storage tanks and pipeline projects.

Our well experience and skills, from small scale assignment through to large, complex engineering and construction projects allows the company to bring unique solution to each clients’ specific needs.

Areas of Expertise

Fabrication and Erection pipe work

Fabrication and Erection of structural steel

Fabrication and Maintenance work for Storage Tanks and Silos

Piping Projects

Heat Exchangers


Utility fire water System


Manpower is a critical resource to all projects. At Radwa Gulf we mob, de-mob Manpower to large Industrial Projects and Industrial Plant shut down activities. In addition to the present strength of manpower of 120 men, at any point of time, Radwa Gulf has a capacity to outsource manpower of 100 to 200 men. Our manpower is well trained in various industrial projects and client work focused at all times.

Radwa Gulf works in close co-ordination with various Industrial sector companies to plan and project their variable manpower requirements to provide support for operation and maintenance requirements.

Areas of Expertise

Plant Turnaround & Shutdown activities

Plant Maintenance Activities

Support Services for Plant Construction

Electrical Maintenance

Radwa Gulf Engineering construction Service (RGES) has well experienced electrical engineers to provide in the field of electrical power system.

Areas of Expertise

Cathodic Protection System

Supply of Engineers

Civil Construction

Radwa Gulf Engineering construction Service (RGES)with its qualified engineering and inspection team offer our clients a complete service in infrastructure, commercial and residential construction.

Areas of Expertise

Infrastructure Facilities

Road Construction

Heavy equipment foundation

Commercial and Residential Building

Post Weld Heat Treatment

Post weld treatment service (PWHT) is performed after welding/Machining to improve the Chemical mechanical properties of weldment/machined surfaces. In concept, PWHT covers many different potential treatments. However, in steel fabrication, most common procedure used is Stress Relieving.

Machining /Welding induce stresses in parts. The bigger and more complex the part, the more stresses. Stress relieving is done by uniformly heating-fabricated equipment, piping vessel part to a sufficiently high temperature, but below the lower transformation temperature range, and then subjecting it to a thermal retardation for a sufficient time depending upon the material thickness and then finally uniformly cooling it which is also of upmost importance.


We have experienced manpower in applying Insulation thermal and acoustic insulation to the highest standards and all related services on an international standard. Our services cover the both high and low temperature critical insulation, and covers the entire insulation process – from fabrication to installation.

We offer a complete range of insulation services, such as thermal, cryogenic, acoustic and fire protection, using all commercially available materials.

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